Monday, December 15, 2008


We were surprised by how much we enjoyed Taiwan, given that there were few world-class tourist attractions. Nevertheless, we enjoyed many things, from the (of course) many opportunities to eat and shop, to the easy accessibility to nature.

These were our favourites. In no particular order:

1. Night markets - we went to Shihlin four times!

2. Taoyuan Jie beef noodles - best!

3. Mr Meeky Yang - very patient and good company too.

4. Shin Yeh - the stirfried liver and the bitter gourd dish were excellent

5. TS Hotel - very convenient location and such friendly staff

6. Small shopping centres and Wufenpu - not the big shopping centres which are similar to those in Singapore

7. Tea at the Red Theatre

8. Spring Park Urai - lovely experience, if budget is not an issue

9. Leader Village Taroko - a unique experience for city bumpkins like us

10. Taroko Gorge - wonderful scenery

1 comment:

  1. Xianyuxian gets an honorary mention. Those yuyuan are delectable!