Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Loot

Everything we bought and got:

Hsinchu mifen (bee hoon) - famous throughout Taiwan

pumpkin biscuits - was commissioned by a friend to buy these for her mum and aunt, so we figured they must be good and they were!

tea of all sorts, including fruit tea

seeds for various vegetables

dried san hu cao, a kind of seaweed commonly used in Japanese food

feng li bing aka pineapple biscuits

fruit jellies with flavours like sour plum and green tea

Graniph t-shirts and Muji sweater

a Taiwanese brand - I forget which one

t-shirt from the Taiwan Fine Arts Museum

insoles from Hands Tailung

socks from sock shop in Ximending

pouch from the aboriginal gift shop at Bulowan, Taroko


toothbrush holders from Hands Tailung

DIY scent pouches from Hands Tailung

bag from impromptu night market outside Eslite

bottle stoppers from National Palace Museum gift shop

from Wufenpu

from the discount bin in PageOne bookstore, Taipei 101

(from left) from the National Palace Museum, gift shop at Bulowan (Taroko) and Eslite

from Eslite and PageOne

from some shopping centre in Ximending

from various magazine shops, especially the one in Ximending

umbrellas that can open and close at a touch of a button, from Shihlin Night Market

from Shihlin Night Market

boots from Wufenpu and ballet slippers from On Your Toes in Dinghao Ming Pai Gou Wu Zhong Xin

from Shihlin Night Market

from Wufenpu

Jill Stuart - only available in Taiwan and Japan

Kanebo Impress - cheaper in Taiwan

BB cream, from various places

the best conditioner, drugstore level, in the world

Bourjois - more drugstore makeup

Kate gel eyeliner - HM's favourite

Kate, Kate, Kate

everything else drugstore

freebies from buying makeup

freebies from the various hotels

freebies from the various hotels

freebies from the various hotels

freebies from shopping trips

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  1. The tee-shirt brand is "Best Friends". The magazine shop at Ximending is called Zazhifeng. I have a VIP discount card from buying manga artbooks :D